Books edited

Modern Hebrew Phonology (with Outi Bat-El and Evan-Gary Cohen). Special issue of Brill’s Annual of Afro-asiatic language and linguistics 11 (1). 2019.

Roots in Context. (with Andrew Nevins). Special issue of The Linguistic Review. 2019.

Motivating Form in Morpho-syntax. Special issue of Glossa. 2018.

Allomorphy: its logic and limitations. (with Nicola Lampitelli). 2016 Special issue of Morphology. 

The form of structure, the structure of form. (with Sabrina Bedjaballah, Mohamed Lahrouchi and Nicola Lampitelli). 2014, John Benjamins.

To appear (accepted papers)

Avoidance of unintended repetition. In The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Morphology. [non-paginated ms]

(with Eitan Grossman) A short grammar of Nuer. In The Oxford Handbook of Ethiopian Languages.

Templatic in[t]ruders in Hebrew. [working version]


QoTeT verbs in Modern Hebrew and the Pro-Root vs. No-root debate. In Linnaea Stockall, Luisa Martí, David Adger, Isabelle Roy and Sarah Ouwayda (eds), For Hagit: A Celebration, QMUL Occasional Papers in Linguistics 47. [link]


Guttural effects without gutturals in Modern Hebrew. HDR dissertation, Université Paris 8. [pdf]

(with Ori Shachmon) Avoidance of final monopositional vowels: evidence from the k-dialects of Yemen. Brill’s Annual of Afro-asiatic language and linguistics 13(2): 309-332.

Modern Hebrew Prefixoids: description and morpho-syntactic analysis. Morphology. Published online [link].

Size, allomorphy and guttural-final stems in Modern Hebrew. In Heather Newell & Shanti Ulfsbjorninn (eds.),  Phonological Solutions to Morphological Problems, special issue of de The Linguistic Review. [link]

The /aa/ moment in Modern Hebrew. In Gabi Danon (ed.), Proceedings of IATL 35 (MITWPL 92): 43-58.


The inflection of Tigre weak-final and strong verbs. Acta Linguistica Academica Vol. 67 (2020) 1, 135–154. [link]

(with Nicola Lampitelli) Virtual length and the two i’s of Qaraqosh Neo-Aramic. Journal of Semitic Studies 65(1), 35–60.


Minding the gaps in the Wolane verbal System. Linguistique et Langues Africaines 5: 69-88.

The complex link between length and lowering. Brill’s Annual of Afro-asiatic language and linguistics 11: 283–315

(with Guillaume Enguehard) Nasalization and drawl in Central Yiddish. Proceedings of IATL 34 [non-stylized manuscript]

New reasons to root for the Semitic root from Mehri and Neo-Aramaic. The Linguistic Review 36 (3)575-599. [pdf ]

Defective representations explain a seemingly allomorphic pattern in Palestinian Arabic. International Journal of Arabic Linguistics 5 (1): 67-85. [pre-paginated version]

Gutturals in General Israeli Hebrew. In Noam Faust, Evan-Gary Cohen and Outi Bat El and (eds.), Modern Hebrew Phonology . Special issue of Brill’s Annual of Afro-asiatic language and linguistics 11 (1), 162-181 [pre-published version]

Vowel Alternation in Modern Hebrew. In Noam Faust, Evan-Gary Cohen and Outi Bat El and (eds.), Modern Hebrew Phonology . Special issue of Brill’s Annual of Afro-asiatic language and linguistics. 11 (1), 119-134. [pre-published version]

Hebrew Affirmative focus (with Noa Bassel).  post on MABAR website.


(with Nicola Lampitelli & Shanti Ulfsbjorninn) Articles of Italian unite! Explaining the shapes of Italian definite articles without allomorphy. Canadian Journal of Linguistics 63 (3), 359-385. [link]

(with Shanti Ulfsbjorninn) Arabic stress in Strict CV, with no moras, no syllables, no feet and no extrametricality. The Linguistic Review 35 (4), 561–600. [pre-published version]

(with Guillaume Enguehard) Guttural ghosts in Modern Hebrew. Linguistic Inquiry 49 (4), 685–721. [pre-published version]

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Exponence, allomorphy and haplology in the number and State morphology of Modern Hebrew. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 3(1), 48. DOI:


(with Ori Shachmon) The spread of prepausal lowering in Galilean Arabic. Journal of Semitic Studies 62:2. 371–387 [pdf]

Get that into your head: Tigre vowel harmonies as templatic. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 2(1), 95. [link]

(with Francesc-Josep Torres-Tamarit) Stress and final /n/ deletion in Catalan: Combining Strict CV and OT. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 2(1) [pdf]

How low can you go? A note on vowel mutation in Nuer. In Journal of African Languages and Linguistics 38(1): 51–64 [link]

Apophony in the inflections of weak and strong verbs in Palestinian Arabic The Linguistic Review 34(1): 83-124. [pre-print]


Weak radicals, weak suppletion, and phonological indices in Semitic. In Allomorphy: its logic and limitations, Special Issue of Morphology 26:3: 379–397. [Pre-print version]


The effect of a null pronoun on morphophonology: Israeli Hebrew demonyms. proceedings of IATL 30, MITWPL 78: 23-38. [pdf]

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(with Nicola Lampitelli, Marijke de Belder) On an inflectional and a derivational diminutive . In The syntax of roots and the roots of syntax, Artemis Alexiadou, Hagit Borer and Florian Schäfer, eds. Oxford University Press. 149-163.[pre-final version]


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Nouns. In the Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics, Brill.[pre-print]


(with Nicola Lampitelli) How vowels point to syntactic structure: Evidence from Hebrew and Italian” . Online Proceedings of ConSOLE XVII.

Non-concatenative realization in the verbal inflection of Modern Hebrew. Morphology 22,4: 453-484. [pdf]


La morphologie nominale de l’hébreu moderne: Etudes en morpho-syntax. Phd Dissertation, Université Paris VII. [pdf]


(with Yaar Hever) Empirical and Theoretical Arguments for the Discontinuous Root in Semitic Languages”. Brill’s Annual for Afro-Asiatic Languages 2: 80-118.[pdf]


The template: Where Morpho-Phonology meets Syntax in Modern Hebrew Verbs”. Proceedings of IATL 24. [pdf]


The Fate of Modern Hebrew Gutturals. MA Thesis Tel Aviv University.[pdf]