Handouts (and more)

On this page you will find handouts of papers that aren’t yet published,  will possibly never be published, or are sufficiently different from the published version.


(with Si Berrebi) That’s an order! Nevermind phonotactics! Talk given at the 29th Manchester Phonology Meeting  [slides].

Templatic in[t]ruders in Modern Hebrew (and the kalal/kala problem). Invited talk at the Workshop on Semitic Morphology of the 13th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting, Rhodes, May 2022 [slides]

The Pro-Root, No-Root debate, with reasons to root for the root. Talk given at a seminal on the Semitic root in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. [Slides]

Nifʕal: A defective story. Talk given at the workshop on Afroasiatic affixes.[slides]

The  [n̩]s and outs of syllabic consonants in Yiddish. Poster from OCP19, Donostia, January 2022. [poster]


(With Joaquim Brandão de Carvalho) Getting features from structure: Contrast, harmony and the templatic representation of vowels. [paper]

(With Nicola Lampitelli) The transparent conspiracy of gutturals and low vowels (in Tigre and Tigrinya). Talk given at the Atelier de Phonologie, December 16th. [handout]

(With Francesc Torres-Tamarit) Metrically-conditioned /a/-syncope in simple and compound nominals in Modern Hebrew. Talk given at the Tel Aviv University Phonology Circle, October 25th. [handout]

How much for that vowel? Unstressable and syncopatable vowels in hebrew and Yiddish. Presented at the workshop of the Escuela de Linguistica de Buenos Aires, February  2020. [slides]

Templatic in[t]ruders in Hebrew. [working version]


The /aa/! moment in Modern Hebrew. Talk at IATL 35, October 2019. [slides]

What the Schwartzes told me about allomorph priority. Talk at CRISSP seminar, KU Leuven, 2019. [handout] [video of talk]

Paradigm Migration in the QoTeT paradigm of Modern Hebrew. Poster presented in ISMo 2019, Paris. [poster]

Faust, Noam. 2019. Gradience, syncope and epenthetic quality in the re-vernacularization of Hebrew and beyond. ms Université Paris 8. [paper]


(With Adèle Jatteau and Tobias Scheer) Two Phonologies. Talk at MFM 26, 2018. [handout]

(With Guillaume Enguehard) Nasalization and in Central Yiddish. Presented at RFP 16, Paris, June 2018. [slides]

Three (additional) reasons to root for the Semitic root. Presented at RFP 16, Paris, June 2018. [slides]

Seemingly arbitrary “Guttural” effects in Modern Hebrew and how they obey Phonology. Presented at the workshop on Phonological Solutions to Morphological Problems, May 2018. [slides]

(With Nicola Lampitelli & Shanti Ulfsbjorninn) Prepositions of Italian unite! A non-allomorphic account of preposition-article sequences. Poster presented at GLOW 41. April 2018, Budapest. [poster]


How much for that vowel? Presented at the workshop on Strength in Grammar, Leipzig, November 2017. [slides]

(With Paul Smolensky) Activity as an Alternative to Autosegmental Association. Presented at MFM 25, May 2017. [manuscript] [slides]

Les néo-araméens de la ville d’Urmi et la question de la racine discontinue. Presented at the departmental seminars of Paris 7 and Orléans universities. [Handout (in French)]

[lo kaze ajajaj]: Haplology in Modern Hebrew plural marking. Talk given at the International Symposium of Morphology, December 2017[slides].

Mehri for the root. Talk presented at the Atelier de Phonologie of the CNRS SFL lab [slides]

Indicate what you mean by root allomorphy. Talk given at Roots V, London, June 2017 [slides]

(With Nicola Lampitelli) Virtual length and the two i’s of Qaraqosh Neo-Aramaic. Poster presented in OCP 14, Düsseldorf, February 2017. [poster]

(With Shanti Ulfsbjorninn) Arabic stress with no moras, no extrametricality and no syllables. Talk presented in the Tel Aviv Phonology Circle, March 2017. [handout]

(With Nicola Lampitelli and Shanti Ulfsbjorninn) There is no allomorphy in the Italian definite article. [handout]


The sound of a satisfied template: length and quality in Palestinian and Biblical Hebrew.[handout]

Paradigm Uniformity is not part of “Phonology”. Presented at the PTA meeting on Phonology and Lexicon, October 2016. [slides]

Modern Hebrew irregular plurals à la parisienne. Presented at the LaGramm seminar of Paris 8 University, December 2015. [handout]

Until 2016

Faust, Noam & Tobias Scheer. The initial CV has done its work, the initial CV may go. Poster presented at the 23rd Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester 28-30 May 2015. [pdf poster]

The Modern Hebrew participle QoTeL: implications for root-and-pattern analyses. Talk Presented at the Italian Meeting of Afro-asiatic Linguistics, Turin 2011. [handout]

Où est le [u]? Sur les conséquences théoriques de la décomposition de morphèmes complexes. Presented at the 8e Réseau Français de Phonologie, Université d’Orléans, Juillet 2010. [Handout]

Tigre field notes, 2013-2015. [pdf]


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